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Enterprise software or web solutions streamline the internal processes of an organization and help towards the integration of an enterprise as such. At CodeTrade, we help you design enterprise solutions that are necessary for the synergy and growth of an enterprise.

Frameworks that we work with

At CodeTrade, we work with a set of frameworks that help create an enterprise system that is not only streamlined but also highly customizable. Few of the frameworks that we use are:
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Creation of enterprise web solutions in a short span of time and easy customization options.

Open edX

Development of Enterprise level online learning platforms & applications that for easy reuse, maintenance and configuration.


Enterprise systemsamenable to fast prototyping and with a variety of security features that allow for customization without compromising safety.

Applications of Enterprise Web Solutions

Today, efficient enterprise systems and solutions are required by a variety of businesses and enterprises for a range of needs. Some of these enterprises include:
Business Enterprises 1
Business Enterprises

Quickly navigable and easily accessible enterprise system is a valuable asset for any business enterprise.

Government Bodies

Enterprise web solutions for the management of information and effective synergizing of various processes.


E-commerce portals can make use of good enterprise applicationsthat will streamline their business processes.

Human Resource

Enterprise systems development is invaluable for HR departments and experts.

Ticketing Systems

Public and private enterprises with ticketing systems can benefit greatly from enterprise web solutions and effective enterprise interfaces.

Features/Benefits of Enterprise Web Solutions

A good enterprise system is invaluable not only because it is makes business processes efficient but because it also creates a good framework for the business. Some of the benefits of a good enterprise system are:
Better Coordination

A good enterprise solution is equivalent to efficient business processes.

Better Access to Data

Good enterprise systems also help towards creating a smooth experience for employees and customers alike.

Effective Resource Utilization

Since a good enterprise system creates efficiency, it also provides for optimal utilization of resources.

Real-time Analysis

Our enterprise web solutions offer the possibility of accessing data at any time and place.

Customer Satisfaction

An enterprise system produces efficient networks that allow for increased customer satisfaction.

Why Choose CodeTrade?

CodeTrade offers the most dynamic and efficient enterprise web solutions for a wide range of customers who seek to develop a more streamlined and efficient business enterprise. Some of the features and benefits unique to us are:

We have experience on our side with expertise in creating a range of solutions such as ERP and CRM, outsourcing solutions and e-commerce solutions.


Our enterprise solutions are customizable and malleable according to your needs.

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Catering to specific needs

We provide enterprise web solutions that cater to variety of needs without compromise.


We are also actively involved in the development of new systems using the latest state-of-the-art frameworks and platforms.

As an enterprise software development company, CodeTrade provides the best enterprise web solutions using a large variety of frameworks such as Odoo, Open edX, Laravel and Django to create enterprise systems that are customizable and robust at the same time. With CodeTrade, you can develop a business enterprise that will benefit it internally and externally.