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E-commerce has today become a staple form of transaction for various kinds of companies and business worldwide. E-Commerce is not only convenient for customers, but for business enterprises as well who seek to streamline their businesses and access a variety of platforms to experiment, explore, advertise and sell. At CodeTrade, we help you develop the best E-commerce platforms that can raise your business to the next level.

Frameworks that we Work With

CodeTrade helps in the development of e-commerce platforms using a variety of frameworks such as:
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Magento framework

To build online stores and various B2B and B2C marketplaces.

OpenCart and Shopify

For the creation of online commerce portals.

Applications of E-commerce

Our work caters to a wide variety of businesses and our work is as dynamic as our customers. Some of the ways in which we develop e-commerce platforms are:
Online Stores

Secure virtual presence with systems such as CMS and ERP.

Vendors and Buyers

Assistance to vendors and buyers with online trading activities for a variety of goods and services.

Companies and Enterprises

Consultancy services to companies and business enterprises for e-commerce.


The creation of e-auction websites.

Shopping Carts for Companies

State-of-the-art and secure online shopping carts for a variety of routine business needs.

P2P platforms for business enterprises

P2P platforms for social commerce and shopping, for our customers.

Features/Benefits of E-commerce platform?

Since e-commerce is not an option but a necessity, we consider e-commerce development as a serious part of our efforts towards creating spaces for business. Through our e-commerce platforms you gain a variety of benefits such as:
Brand Identity

Our e-commerce solutions help in boosting brand awareness amongst your potential customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We create e-commerce platform that produce increased customer satisfaction.

Better business management

Through our e-commerce platforms and Enterprise Web Solutions, we increase the efficiency of your business.

Reduced sales costs

Why Choose CodeTrade?

We offer some of the most customizable and user-friendly e-commerce solutions that go a long way towards boosting your business and enhancing customer experience. Some of the main features and benefits that we offer are.
Secure and Scalable

Customized e-commerce development services that are secure and scalable.

Support and Maintenance

Comprehensive support and maintenance service for our customers at any time and at any place.

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Source-codes to our customers as part of our web-development services for further development and even re-sale.


Integration of shopping carts, payment gateways and the development of online stores.

On-site Development

On-site development packages that are based on your convenience and that help you.

At CodeTrade, you get creative options to explore the many sides and facets of e-commerce that we provide you through our expertise in a variety of frameworks. With CodeTrade e-commerce solutions, you are guaranteed to reap the fruits of a strong e-commerce presence that produces trust and puts your name on the map.