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React native is a framework that is used to enable a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile development. React native framework was created by Facebook. With this framework, you don’t have to create an iOS and Android app separately. All that is required is just a single codebase to develop beautiful apps for both platforms without compromising on the UI & UX experience. As a React Native App Development company, let us help you create apps that can conquer both platforms and offer stunning user experiences for your users.

React Native Libraries

React native is currently the most advanced and well-supported technology. It supports building UI elements with the help of separate components. The below given are the top ten React Native libraries:

Native base provides developers with dozens of cross-platform components they can use and reuse in their own React Native projects. The biggest advantage of this library is that you can operate any other third-party libraries with it.

React Native Elements

Its main purpose is to provide a convenient element structure tool rather than to help developers with UI design.

React Native Maps

It is a toolkit that allows you to integrate maps into both iOS and Android apps. It provides developers with a set of customizable cross-platform components for both platforms and provides full support for markers, polygons, and other map elements.

UI Kitten

This consists of a set of common user interface components. The main idea of this framework is to move style definitions into specific place making components reusable and styled in a single way.

React Native Material UI

It provides developers with a set of UI components that follow material design guidelines created by Google. All components are customizable, so you can combine Material Design with your app’s unique style.

React Native Fabric

React Native library works as a channel between fabric analytics and your cross-platform app. It gives access to Fabric, Crashlytics, and Answers.


This is a library that help developers to work with animations in React Native. Developers can provide After Effects animations on React Native, Android, iOS and web using Lottie-Web.

React Native UI Library

This library offers an advanced tool set for user interface elements and provides developers with React Native components that support React Native-animatable and React Native-blur.

React Native Paper

This is a cross-platform library for user interface components. It follows the standards of flat design and supports an additional plugin called Babel, which is responsible for reducing the size of your app.

React Native Vector Icons

This is a highly useful library for simple and customizable icons. These icons support NavBar/TabBar/ToolbarAndroid. Thousands of apps use icons, and React Native Vector Icons is popular not only among them but among other libraries for user interface components.

Features of React Native

It is open source

React Native has a very large community of programmers working constantly towards bug fixing, feature improvement and helping people to use it at ease. If you are looking forward to build something, which is ordinary in mobile apps, then there is always a high possibility that it has already been built by React Native members.

Covers two major ecosystems

iOS and Android are entirely two different ecosystems and the development of native applications for two different platforms is a tedious and painstaking task, therefore developing native apps for them is seen as distress of developers.

Incorporate the functionality of other native apps

React Native is compatible with third party plugins. To add Google Maps’ functionality into your app, simply download a third party plugin and then link it to a native module.

Uses same code for building different platform apps

React Native let the mobile app developers use the same code for building application for the different platforms. This is how it helps to recover the major drawback.

Helps to reduce the time to write code

You can reuse the code which has already been written. You only need to write some fresh code to build a UI that looks and feel native for individual platforms as per their best practices as well as standards.

Predictable UI

Declarative API makes it easier for users to understand and predict your app UI. An app with various states requires you to monitor all changes in UI and keep on modifying them from time.

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?

  • Works under tight budget constraints.
  • Offers cross-platform mobile app development.
  • Multiple outcomes and suppleness under one undemanding solution.
  • The goal is affixed on UI and access to Native API.
  • The Primary code base for Android and IOS makes things straightforward.
  • The journey from transforming a web page to the mobile app is super easy Runs like a native app.
  • Comparatively less usage of memory.
  • It’s not going to eradicate anytime soon.
  • Futuristic and flexible approach towards projects.
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Why Choose CodeTrade for React Native App Development?

React Native is one of the most widely used frameworks for app development. At CodeTrade, we use our expertise in React Native App Development to create dynamic applications for you that can take your business to the next level. Being a React Native Development company in India that promises nothing but the highest standards in app development, interface and UI/UX, we promise you not only a better way to engage your users but also offer you the source code of the applications that we create for you.