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Before delving into the various ways in which websites and applications can help your business to bask in the glory of success in the digital world, you need to understand the core aspect that defines this digital landscape. The entire digital medium and the applications that derive from it are built on the core functionality of allowing human-machine interaction. The language that allows a human to communicate to a machine is known as the source code, which is essentially the essence of all digital communication, functioning and structural integrity. As a web development company and enterprise system development agency, CodeTrade prides itself in establishing a transparent connection with its clients through the provision of the source code of any and all applications built through us.

But why does this matter?

The Importance of Source Code

The journey of the source code starts as a series of human-readable commands that are scripted in a way so as to be transformed into machine-readable code. In a way, the very source of human-machine interaction involves the digital archetype of transformation, which in this case is as follows :
Once the transformation from source code to object code is complete, the human element of communication is lost to a large degree, whereby the message/instructions enter into the realm of machine comprehension. A business that obtains the source code has the ability to make intrinsic and deep-level changes in a software/application, which is impossible without a software development service provider in case of the object code version of the communication interface.

Some of the major programming languages that utilize the compiling process include C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, Swift, Delphi and Haskell among others.

Source Code in the Real World

In the business landscape, most IT service providers do not provide the source code to their clients, thereby forming a pact of commitment whereby the client is completely dependent on the service provider whenever any deep-seated changes or modifications are required in the software. Within the corporate framework of information technology services, the source code is tightly guarded by most IT companies as it offers them leverage over their clients, a survival tactic if you will.

Source Code in the CodeTrade Realm

However, when it comes to CodeTrade, as Source code developers, we believe that our clients need to be given the capability to think for themselves, to act in accordance to their own needs, and to make changes and modifications as per their own requirements. This is why we offer source code for all applications and software that we build for you, so that you may have complete control over your digital property, without having to depend on us whenever any major changes are needed.

At CodeTrade, we are of the understanding that our clients are looking for transparency and independence in a business relationship.

We therefore believe in forging a pact based on the parameters of trust and openness rather than on the fear of missing out or giving too much freedom to our clients.

Embrace Freedom, Understanding and Independence with CodeTrade

CodeTrade makes it a point to share the source code of all the digital weapons that we build for our clients, whether it be for a custom CRM or a software for data analytics. We consider it our duty as Source code providers to provide a gateway for our clients to feel the power of being in complete control of how their application or software functions. Our aim is to develop a better digital world for everyone, where the boundaries between technicality and creativity are blurred.

At CodeTrade, you not only get access to the source code of your applications/software, but are also offered all the necessary resources needed to rebrand and redefine the same. With the help of our developers and designers, you can customize even the smallest of details so as to avoid all the hassles that come with the inability to be the “true” owner of your digital property.

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