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Today, Magento is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms by a variety of small and medium-sized businesses across the world. At CodeTrade, we specialize in the development of the Magento platform for a variety of businesses through upgradation services, customization and the creation of e-commerce portals.

Features of Magento

CodeTrade assists in the development of magento platforms and e-commerce portals based on magento since it offers a variety of benefits such as:

Open Source

Magento is open source, which means that it can be used, altered and manipulated in any way that you like.


Being an open source platform, Magento is updated and upgraded with the help of a vibrant community.

E-commerce Solutions

Magento offers some of the best e-commerce solutions in the market.


A distinguishing feature of Magento is its scalability which means that it can be customized easily.


It is a very high performance software which explains its popularity.

Easily Integrated

Magento is an easily integrable platform that can be used for a variety of uses such as databases, shipments and payment gateways.

SEO Friendly

Armed with a variety of features, at CodeTrade we specialize in Magento Web Development services that SEO friendly.

Applications of Magento Used?

CodeTrade helps in creating Magento Web Development Services that have a variety of uses such as:

Advance Reporting

With the help of Magento’s advance reporting ability, you can improve your business analytics.

B2B Trade

Magento is used for a range of B2B enterprises across the world.

Checkout Processes

The Magento Platform is used to create the most streamlined and smooth shipping and payment information databases for e-commerce.

Management of Inventory

Using Magento is one of the best ways to coordinate information on inventory across supply chains.

Order Management

One of the most common features that are responsible for Magento’s popularity are order management e-commerce frameworks.

Page Building

Magento is today one of the first choices for building web-pages and offers customization options for end-users too.

Commerce Integrations

Magento is used by a variety of e-commerce platforms for synergizing financial transactions.

Campaign Staging

Magento is also used for the staging and development of online campaigns, dashboards and manipulation of objects.

Benefits of Magento

By allowing us to assist you, you can also benefit in the following ways:
Responsive Interfaces

Our experts at CodeTrade create Magento themes that are built like you like it.

Magento Extensions

We also help you create customized storefronts that set you apart.

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We also offer our services in the form of consultancy for developing Magento-based e-commerce platforms.

Dedicated Support

We always have a team standing by waiting to assist you.

Why CodeTrade?

Today, CodeTrade offers one of the most competitive Magento development plans in India. Some of the features of our services include:

Customized Website Creation

We help you develop the website that you need and you want, as you want it.

Module and Template Integration

CodeTrade helps you to strike a balance between various features of your website or application.


We also help you develop an attractive and practical interface for your e-commerce business.

Shopping Cart

Through our expertise in Magento, we help you to build the kind of shopping cart that you need.

Website Revamping

With the help of our experts, you can develop or transition to a Magento-based platform or website.


With Magento, we help your commerce to develop a new life.

Integration of Payment Portals

With Magento, at CodeTrade, we help you to create payment gateways and portals.


Our team of Magento web developers also develop various learning applications and websites.


At CodeTrade, we also help you develop a range of agile solutions for your tourism business.

At CodeTrade, we want to give you nothing less than the best. This includes the best and most efficient Magento Web Development Services that you can avail of at the lowest price. Leave your e-commerce development needs to us. As a Magento web development company, we consider it our responsibility to help you make the most of the functional opportunities that this wondrous platform offers.