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Blockchain Frameworks

Different blockchain frameworks and development platforms bring with them varying benefits as well as differential learning curves. Given below are some of the popular Frameworks used for implementing Blockchain solutions.
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Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort particularly useful for advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies. A global collaborative initiative, Hyperledger includes industry leaders from banking, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, Internet of Things, and other industries of the future.

R3 Corda

R3 Corda is an open source project allowing businesses to transact directly, Corda facilitates the creation of interoperable blockchain networks for transacting with utmost privacy and security. Basically a blockchain framework designed specifically for the BFSI industry.


A private blockchain framework, Ethereum is an enormously powerful and decentralized global infrastructure supporting blockchain applications such as smart contracts.


Monax was earlier known as Eris Industries, this is a low-cost blockchain implementation framework.


Multichain is an open platform for building blockchains. It helps organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed.

Open Blockchain

This is an open blockchain fabric code framework.

Features of Blockchain

Cannot be Corrupted

This is one of the features of blockchain that help to ensure that the technology will remain as it is: a permanent, unalterable network. Once the transaction blocks get added on the ledger, no one can just go back and change it. Thus, any user on the network won’t be able to edit, delete or update it.

Decentralized Technology

This means that it doesn’t have any governing authority or a single person looking after the framework. Rather a group of nodes maintains the network making it decentralized.

Enhanced Security

As it gets rid of the need for central authority, no can just simply change any characteristics of the network for their benefit. Using encryption ensures another layer of security for the system. Every piece of information on the blockchain is hashed cryptographically. In simple terms, the information on the network hides the true nature of the data.

Distributed Ledger

Usually, a public ledger will provide every information about a transaction and the participant. It’s all out in the open, nowhere to hide. Although the case for private or federated blockchain is a bit different. But still, in those cases many people can see what really goes on in the ledger.


The consensus is a decision-making process for the group of nodes active on the network. Every blockchain thrives because of the consensus algorithms. The architecture is cleverly designed, and consensus algorithms are at the core of this architecture. Every blockchain has a consensus to help the network make decisions.

Faster Settlement

Traditional banking systems are quite slow. Sometimes it can take days to process a transaction after finalizing all settlements. It also can be corrupted quite easily. Blockchain offers a faster settlement compared to traditional banking systems. This way a user can transfer money relatively faster, which saves a lot of time in the long run.

Applications of Blockchain

Financial Services

Blockchain financial services are redefining the existing rails of our current financial markets infrastructure. Areas of this sector experiencing significant activity range from backend clearing and settlement, to global capital markets architecture.


Blockchain Technology is a potential vehicle to improve government services and foster more transparent government-citizen relations.


Blockchain Technology has the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry’s centralized operations, opening the door for optimized business and service delivery.


Blockchains based identity systems can provide a solution to this issue with hardened cryptography and distributed ledgers.

Internet-of-Things (Iot)

Blockchain technology provides the ideal engine to power a fairly new concept regarding our new connected world.


Blockchain Insurance allows for the entire insurance industry to dramatically optimize business processes by sharing data in an efficient, secure, and transparent manner.


Cryptocurrencies provide people across the globe with instant, secure, and frictionless money, and blockchains provide the permanent record storage for their transactions.


Applying blockchain technology to music applications allows for a paradigm shift in the way artists can control their musical work.

Real estate

Utilizing blockchain applications in essential functions such as payment, escrow, and title can also reduce fraud, increase financial privacy, speed up transactions, and internationalize markets.

Supply chain

Managing the modern, often global, supply chain is a series of intensive processes that require perfect orchestration between many moving parts and actors.


In blockchain law applications, smart contracts are verified on the block chain, allowing for programmable, self executing and self enforcing contracts.

Why Choose CodeTrade for Blockchain Integration?

Blockchain is one of the most widely used technologies in the world of today. At CodeTrade, we use our expertise in blockchain technology to create a safe and secure way of transacting as well as a stable database for the safeguarding of information of any kind. We are one among the top blockchain integration companies in India that can deliver quality services following international standards.